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What is Learned Helplessness and 6 Ways You Can Unlearn It?
The impact of learned helplessness psychology

What is learned helplessness and what are six ways you can unlearn it through learned optimism? | Brought to you by Athletic Greens ( and Trade Coffee Company ((

Do you know people who never seem to take action to change their negative situations for the better? For example, an alcoholic may repeatedly try and fail to quit drinking. Have you ever felt you had no promising future? Do you ever feel out of control and unable to address the unpredictability of your life? Have you ever wondered what the cause of this behavior is?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you may be experiencing what is known as learned helplessness.

What is Learned Helplessness?

Learned helplessness is when a person feels that their efforts no longer mean anything, and they feel helpless in their attempts to overcome these negative situations for the better. Instead, this perceived lack of control becomes a trained behavior in believing they are helpless and unable to experience joy or optimism in their life.

Learned helplessness is a thought disorder (similar to a distortion) where a person believes they are powerless. It is commonly caused by either repeated failures or a traumatic event(s). It is particularly acute when people experience repeat bad situations and develop a feeling that their lives are inevitable or unchangeable.

When we feel helpless and see the loss of hope in our lives, we relinquish the capacity to feel joy and believe that life cannot feel more promising than its current state. 

John R. Miles

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In This Week’s Episode, John R. Miles Explores Learned Helplessness Psychology

  • What is learned helplessness psychology and who first created the concept?
  • How do we learn to be helpless?
  • Learned helplessness psychology through the Baby Elephant Syndrome.
  • What does it mean to learn helplessness?
  • Learned helplessness psychology: what factors affect our ability to help ourselves?
  • What are the consequences of learned helplessness?
  • How do you go from learned helplessness to learned optimism?
  • Six ways to unlearn learned optimism.
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127 | Six Steps to Unlearn Learned Helplessness Psychology | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
127 | Six Steps to Unlearn Learned Helplessness Psychology | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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