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What is the Key to Healthy Esteem?
The inspirational story of Lizzie Velásquez

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had times when we felt inadequate and imperfect about ourselves, whether due to a physical flaw or how we perceive ourselves. And the majority of the things we are doing to try to raise our self-esteem are entirely incorrect. Therefore, understanding how to create healthy esteem is critical to finding inner peace.

“It is fine to be who you are. It is a good thing not to be just like everybody else. What makes you unique is what makes you beautiful, because it’s what makes you you. And the world needs you, exactly as you are. That’s the truth, plain and simple.”

Lizzie Velásquez

However, by recognizing that we always have the freedom and power to choose how situations in life will affect us, we can rise above challenges and build healthy esteem and self-love for ourselves. Whenever we have the self-confidence to solve issues on the inside, we set ourselves up for success.

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Remember that we are all running different races and have our unique goals. Your only competition is with yourself, so focus on yourself and celebrate yourself for the stage you’re at while aiming for more.

John R. Miles

In This Week’s Episode, John R. Miles Explores The Ten Keys to Healthy Esteem

  • I tell the inspiring story of Lizzie Velasquez and her journey to building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • I user Lizzie’s account to illutrate how to manifest healthy esteem and the steps she took.
  • I provide ten keys to rise above negativity and build healthy esteem for yourself.
    • Be self-aware and use positive affirmations
    • Stop being a perfectionist
    • Don’t compare yourself to others
    • Take proper care of your health
    • Find the purpose in your pain
    • Improve your mind
    • Seek support to boost self-esteem
    • Be kind to others
    • Be strong in your spiritual health
    • Live with gratitude
  • I discuss how you can apply this lesson and create healthy esteem in your own life.
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116 | What is the Key to Healthy Esteem? | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
116 | What is the Key to Healthy Esteem? | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast

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  • 0:00 Introducing self-esteem
  • 2:54 Podbean, Surf Shark, Coinbase
  • 5:19 The Story of Lizzie Velasquez
  • 10:20 Building healthy esteem
  • 11:21 Be self-aware and use positive affirmations
  • 12:12 Stop being a perfectionist
  • 13:12 Don’t compare yourself to others \
  • 13:45 Take proper care of your health
  • 14:11 Find the purpose in your pain
  • 14:49 Improve your mind
  • 15:06 Seek support
  • 15:31 Be kind to others
  • 15:57 Be strong in your spiritual health
  • 16:20 Live with gratitude
  • 16:40 Conclusion and Synthesis


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Dare to Be Kind by Lizzie Velasquez

Dare to be Kind book cover by Lizzie Velasquez for passion struck

Be Beautiful, Be You by Lizzie Velasquez

The Healthy Mind Toolkit by Alice Boyes

Stress-Free Productivity by Alice Boyes

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