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6 Ways to Build Resilience

Over the course of inventing the lightbulb, Thomas Edison failed over ten thousand times. Yet, instead of looking at this adversity as “failure,” he found a way to rise up and keep going. All of these “failures,” where steps along the path to him achieving his goal. It was the ways to build resilience that he mastered that allowed him to create one of the most important inventions in the 20th century.

Can you imagine what things would be like today if Edison had not risen up to the challenge and faced failure in the face? His story is a great lens for examing our own lives – when face with adversity can we muster the resilience to see it as a grwoth opportunity? Or do we let adversity stop our aspirations?

In this episode of the Passion Struck podcast, John R. Miles reveals the most important ways we can develop resilience and learn to use pain for positive growth.  Whether you struggle with resilience or not, this podcast will serve you.

You’ll learn the ways to build resilience and how we can build a stronger legacy on the foundation of struggle. Miles offers practical steps and encouraging insight backed by science on how you can overcome adversity.

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We require resilience every single day, in every walk of our life.

John R. Miles

On This Week’s Momentum Friday, John Discusses six ways to build resilience:

  • The feeling of being consumed by past trauma and how that has a profound negative impact on living our dreams.
  • How you can rebound from adversity and build reslience because it’s a behaviour we can learn.
  • Why it is essential that we don’t consider adversity a permanent condition and embrace the fact that it will not last.
  • How social support is often overlooked as being one of the primary ways to overcome adversity and build resilience.
  • Why after suffering a traumatic experience it is so vital to focus on our physical and mental health.
  • and so much more!!!
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78 | Six Ways to Build Resilience | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
78 | Six Ways to Build Resilience | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast

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About John R. Miles

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John R. Miles is a globally recognized high performance coach, life and business strategist, military veteran, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal growth trainers globally. John is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, author, and makes frequent media appearances to discuss how to transition from being passion struck to becoming PASSION STRUCK! He is passionate about being the catalyst who helps individuals expand into the greatest version of themselves, unlocking the most legendary life possible.


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