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John Miles and Mac Brazina on How To Unleash Passion-Struck Personal Empowerment

What if the path to genuine, passionate drive and empowerment was more than skin deep? In a candid conversation with Mac Brazina for the Passion Struck Podcast, John Miles unpacks how true passion rests on the other side of our darkest fears and inhibitions.

From the moment the interview opens, it’s clear that Mac Brazina is passion struck – guided by a mission to provide expert guidance on the road to personal empowerment. 

Mac’s education in Mass Media and Digital Communications has helped her combine her Personal Training certification with an emerging science of interpersonal dynamics. The result? An insatiable thirst for information about the brain and human consciousness. For Mac, there’s a lot more to an individual’s transformation than just their “meat suit.”

Sitting down with Mac, John Miles discussed the integration of science with the power of human connection and mysticism. What holds individuals back from reaching their passion-struck potential – especially when a perfect physique and brand isn’t enough?

A compassionate guide, mentor, and coach, Mac Brazina discusses how the nurturing of an individual’s personal evolution comes from a journey of confidentiality, non-judgment, and dedication to uniqueness — “one rep at a time.”   

Mac Brazina & The “Other 23 Hours”

For Mac Brazina, the journey to a professional passion of helping others discover how they are uniquely designed and wired to make an impact in their world had to begin with her own personal experiences. Growing up with trauma, anxiety, and heartache experiences, Mac learned the hard way to overcome adversity to discover the real power that rested just under the surface of her soul.

Mac Brazina on the Passion Struck ™ Podcast

“The biggest obstacle I ever had to overcome was my mental health. For example, I dropped out of school for two years because anxiety kept me from feeling safe. I lost a steady job, had to move in with my mom for support, and found myself in a toxic relationship. For me, it was almost as though I had to realize that this was just how my brain functioned.”

John asked how Mac overcame those experiences to grow rather than allow them to destroy her. 

“Eventually I had to adopt a “this stops with me” mentality. In order to do that, I’ve made myself this vessel of experimentation and research. I’m always trying to sit in the backseat of my mind and of my body.”

For Mac, healing and freedom began when she found a passion for fitness and personal training. But the growth didn’t stop with merely helping others shred weight. This experimentation and research allowed Mac to take her newfound

“I train individuals, but when you really look at the process, I’m with you for so much more than that. True training takes into account what I call “The Other 23 Hours” of the day. 

We aren’t just meat suits – we are human beings full of unlimited potential! Discovering that I could help others discover their hidden passions and overcome their inner demons was the moment that you could say I became passion struck.” 

How do you overcome those more profound issues that can’t be worked out in a training session? For Mac, it’s the process of training your entire life – the other 23 hours of our day that require us to have full focus and clear outcomes for becoming the passion-struck leaders we are called to be.

Personal Empowerment is More Than A Meal Plan

For Mac, a passion for helping others discover their potential extends far beyond just a weekly fitness schedule and a meal plan. For every client, there comes a moment when the conversation turns from reps to real life. That moment begins with a simple question: “Why are you here?” 

“Clients would tell me, “Oh, well, I want to lose weight.” That’s awesome! We can do that. No problem, science calories in calories out. It’s not that hard. 

What is really hard is answering this question: “What are you?” Why are you actually here?”

In her time training clients in the art of physical, mental, and emotional fitness, Mac has had a unique opportunity to help individuals through a variety of tragic events in their life. From rape to sexual assault, from addiction to struggling with a severe mental health issue, Mac has helped men and women learn that their passion struck potential is often held at bay behind a past that seems too difficult to approach.

Not only have these moments with training clients helped others to heal, but they have made Mac into the incredible human developer that she is today. 

“The more I embarked on my own path – the one that aligned and felt the most resonant with me as a human being – the more I realized that people were coming to me, not just for the workout.”

Training To Fight Off Mosquitos

In their conversation, John and Mac discussed the deadly danger of “mosquito thoughts” – those tiny, nagging fears, anxieties, and doubts that suck away our ability to see more significant potential in ourselves. 

John mentioned the dual contagions of apathy and comfort that keep so many from meeting their potential. Mac agreed and spoke of how training yourself to fight off those pesky mosquitoes can help you see yourself and others more clearly.

“You have to see those mosquitos and literally ZAP them away. If we can acknowledge them and see them within ourselves, we can also see them and other people. When we see other people first, we can have more compassion for them. We can hold more space for them. We can say, “Yeah, I see you.” – and that makes all the difference.” 

For Mac Brazina, helping others discover their passion by training their entire lives has become a driving mission and force for good in their own lives and the world. Mac is modeling the impact that genuinely passion-struck leaders can bring to their world in developing her positive development empire.

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No matter where you are in the journey to becoming Passion Struck, remember: Make a choice. Work every day. Step into the sharp edges.


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