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How Shark Tank Changed Her Life | Tereson Dupuy | Passion Struck Podcast
An exclusive Passion Struck Podcast interview with Tereson Dupuy

Thank you for Watching the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful episode, FuzziBunz Founder Tereson Dupuy tells John R. Miles how Shark Tank changed her life. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

16 | Tereson Dupuy | How Shark Tank Changed Her Life to Overcome Personal Trauma
16 | Tereson Dupuy | How Shark Tank Changed Her Life to Overcome Personal Trauma

As a huge proponent of mental well-being, she talks about “exorcising” your ego and stepping into the spiritual. You will learn why you need to let go and surrender to be at peace with yourself.

What Sets Successful Entrepreneurs, like Tereson Dupuy, Apart

Ever wondered what sets successful entrepreneurs apart? And how do they manage to overcome business and mental health challenges as they go about chasing their big goals?

Growing up in New Orleans, Tereson was always driven and keen to make her own mark. But, unfortunately for her, she had to deal with severe trauma issues in her childhood years. 

Being an adopted child and having a serial killer as a next-door neighbor compounded her mental health issues, and Tereson ended up a full-blown alcoholic by the time she was 14. 

Tereson got her big idea for FuzziBunz when she could not find good and affordable diapers for her autistic son, who was prone to skin rashes. While her sewing skills came in handy, Tereson went ahead with her business even though she had no prior experience with production or branding.

FuzziBunz was a huge hit as the product filled a market gap while addressing some big pain points. Even though Tereson tasted commercial success, she found it difficult to draw boundaries and fend off those eager to take advantage of her.

She talks about how other companies blatantly copied her product design. And, how after 12 years of running her business successfully, she started facing heated competition from her Chinese counterparts.

“Tereson, the problem is you.”

At this juncture, Tereson got an opportunity to appear on Shark Tank. The sharks were brutal in their assessment and concluded that the biggest problem with Tereson’s business was Tereson herself. This was a key moment for how Shark Tank changed her life.

Tereson Dupuy on how Shark Tank changed her life

Six months after appearing on Shark Tank, Tereson exited her business completely. And then she started working on setting her life back in order.

Tereson was on the verge of launching another retail product. But then covid struck. And then, tragically, her son died from suicide. 

Currently, Tereson has decided to put entrepreneurship in the backseat as she has gotten a dream opportunity to help out women in India. She is in a happy space as she savors the opportunity to work with some incredible people.


Core beliefs that Tereson Dupuy is passionate about:

  1. Everyone can have anything they desire if they commit to that dream.
  2. Surrender is the solution to any and all healing.
  3. Consciousness should be actively used to create the life that we want.
  4. There is a “heaven on earth” reality and we now have the tools to find it. Enjoy!

Questions That I Ask On The Show About How Shark Tank Changed Her Life

  • What was life like for you when you were growing up?
  • What made you get on Shark Tank?
  • What words of wisdom do you have for those who are facing stigmas?
  • Surrender before you heal – can you explain this? And so much more…

What You Will Learn In This Show About How Shark Tank Changed Her Life

  • Why an inflated ego is the biggest pitfall for entrepreneurs
  • Biggest takeaways from my Shark Tank experience
  • Why you need to surrender yourself to heal
  • Drawing boundaries and protect yourself and your business
  • How to cultivate good mental health
  • And so much more…

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