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Cristina Pujol Jensen On How Your Mind Can Free Your Body

Cristina Pujol Jensen (@CristinaPujol7) is a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, author of Ignite Female Change Makers, Co-Founder of Tú y Tu Mente Coaching, and Hips On Fire Dance specializing in leadership, clarity, and focus. She sits down with John R. Miles to discuss how your mind can free your body to start living intentionally. It is really that mind-body connection that helps us take our life to new heights.

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If you tie an identity to a position or status, you are tying yourself to that altogether. But if you tie your identity to being someone who likes to learn, who helps others, who wants to create fun around you, you can do that in any position.

Cristina Pujol Jensen

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What We Discuss With Cristina Pujol Jensen On Mind-Body Connection:

  • The different professional paths Cristina Pujol Jensen took and how she found a way of understanding herself and making the transition when she was at the top of her game.
  • Her advice for others who do not feel they are doing what they were called to do.
  • The importance of being a dance instructor and performer in her life and how it allowed her to service others.
  • The impact that hearing loss had on her life and how she was able to adapt to it.
  • The importance of creativity in all professions and how creativity creates a mind-body connection.
  • Why consciousness is so vital to being engaged in the moment and our mind-body connection.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
91 | How Your Mind Can Free Your Body | Cristina Pujol Jensen | Passion Struck Podcast
91 | How Your Mind Can Free Your Body | Cristina Pujol Jensen | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On How Your Mind Can Free Your Body With Cristina Pujol Jensen

During our interview, John spoke to Cristina Pujol Jensen about how she looks at consciousness and the mind-body connection that it creates.

Ignite Female Change Makers book by Cristina Pujol Jensen

Cristina Pujol Jensen explains, “there is a huge difference how you live life if you are present to what you’re doing that if you’re not. For some people, it takes longer than others. It depends on the environment that you’ve been raised in. I was lucky enough to have a mother that I think was a coach. Even though she wasn’t like it, she was really in her mind.

So anything that I was complaining she will always make me think, “Okay, so what is the other person thinking?” And, you know, if I had a conflict with someone, she would be like, what is the other person thinking happened and analyze it from a different perspective. And I remember a point, what I told my mom, okay, give me five minutes of complaining, then we’ll get into solving the situation.

But I think that imprinted in my head always thinking, how does the other person see it, you know, we are conscious of you having an impact on everybody that is around – you speak a word, and you don’t know how it’s gonna land. So to put thoughts into everything that you do is not sometimes possible. When you work with people you interact with or are with your family, you need to be conscious of what’s happening and how you interact because you have an impact. Whether you want to or not, you have an effect always.

And some things are not easy to deal with. But we’re here to learn, and we’re here for a certain amount of time. So why not learn the things that you came here to learn? You choose to be in this body you choose to be in this place? It’s not easy to say that sometimes because some people are not dealt with a fair amount of cars, or how do you say that? So we don’t always we don’t start the same way. Some people start very privileged, and some people don’t.

But the choice you make on how you interpret what you focus on, where you put the meaning, and the meaning you’re giving to what’s happening so you can make a huge difference. And you see that with many successful people that didn’t start, you know, in a wealthy family. So we know where you put your mind, what’s the meaning you give to things? That is part of creating the mind-body connection.

There are three things that I always think to myself: Where’s your focus? What’s the meaning you give to that? And what are you going to do now with that? How are you going to live your life? How are you going to teach? How are you going to have events? How are you going to interact with people? How are you going to make an environment that works for you? And that, for me, is putting consciousness in any event, and make any work not only for you but for everybody around you.”

Thanks, Cristina Pujol Jensen!

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Cristina Pujol Jensen quote about creativity from the Passion Struck podcast


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:39 Her early story growing up in the Andalucia region of Spain
  • 9:41 Why Spaniards value food around social events
  • 13:54 How she transitioned from software engineering to dancing
  • 18:42 Her advice for someone desiring a performing arts career
  • 23:54 How do you change when you are on top
  • 31:20 Why talent is not as important as Grit in success
  • 35:30 How you adjust your life if it is unbalanced
  • 41:27 The power of creativity through a mind-body connection
  • 46:18 How your mind can free your body
  • 50:32 The adjustments she made with hearing loss
  • 58:44 Her love of the books Unbeatable Mind and Atomic Habits


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*The Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

*Atomic Habits by James Clear

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About This Episode’s Guest Cristina Pujol Jensen

Passion Struck podcast cover with Cristina Pujol Jensen

Cristina Pujol Jensen is a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Author, Co-Founder of Tú y Tu Mente Coaching and Hips On Fire Dance, specializing in leadership, clarity, focus, and change. With her years of experience in different worlds as engineering and dance, undertaking various businesses herself, with more than 25 years working with groups of people, her attention is dedicated to helping others realize their full potential, discovering self-imposed barriers, looking for patterns that cause blockage and that prevent reaching the maximum potential, and developing new skills that make us more effective in new objectives. Cristina helps her clients make shifts in their mind-body connection, which can change everything.

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