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Your Playing Small Serves No One | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
Why Our Focus Should Be On Playing Big

How often do we have huge aspirations for the life we want, only to have those dreams burn down because of our actions. It is by playing small that we fail to live up to the best version of ourselves. In this episode, you will understand why it is so detrimental to play small and the criteria for doing so. Also, what playing big means and how that can profoundly impact your happiness.

47 | Why You Need To Stop Playing Small | Passion Struck Podcast
47 | Why You Need To Stop Playing Small | Passion Struck Podcast

According to new research, two-thirds of Brits and over seventy percent of Americans feel they are living an unfulfilled life. When we are not living to our full capability, it is the very definition of playing small in our life. That is why it is so vital that we start playing big and living a no regrets life.

What Does Playing Small Mean?

When we give in to our fears, self-doubting beliefs, and that inner voice that tells us I Can‘t, we are choosing the path of playing small in our life. Playing small is the exact opposite of living a purpose-driven life. Instead, we play small and give in to comfort, anxiety, timidness, and whatever other excuses we make that keeps us from achieving our life goals.

“Playing small is living a life full of regrets. Because when we play small, we avoid the actions, mindsets, and other shifts we need to achieve, living a life that unleashes our creativity and capabilities.”

-John R. Miles

Why Do We Choose to Play Small?

Despite an overwhelming majority of people saying they have a bucket list, most of us have only ticked off between one and five items on it. That is because we fall into the trap of security, comfort, and fear. Those things holding us back from living the passion-struck life we are meant to live.

So often, we become indifferent to life. It is far easier to give in to groupthink, the fear of missing out, being kind to others but not to ourselves. We need to realize our life is not based on short-term comfort. Rather, it is the sum of our hopes, our dreams, our goals, and aspirations.

Why Should We Choose Playing Big?

When we play big, we are saying YES to unlocking our full potential and living a life that has zero regrets. It is facing fear head-on. Making the choice that we want our life to be meaningful and that we will pursue living to our full capability. When we are passion-struck about our fulfilling our dreams and aspirations we are playing big.

Here are seven steps you can use to play big in your life:

  1. Envision the Experience
  2. Face the Brutal Reality of Whatever is Going On In Your life
  3. Prioritize Your Plan
  4. Stop Living for the Urgent
  5. Don’t Become a Visionary Arsonsit to Your Own Dreams
  6. Take Responsibility For Your Actions
  7. Love Yourself Unconditionally
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Playing Small Show Notes

  • How dare I play small
  • What does playing small mean?
  • Why do we play small?
  • What is playing big?
  • The seven skills or steps for playing big
  • How to pursue your bucket list today
  • Being grateful for life

Quotes by John R. Miles About Why We Play Small

“Playing small is the opposite of becoming passion struck; it is being in a state of indifference.”

“Realize your life is not based on short-term comfort. Rather, it is the sum of your hopes, your dreams, your goals, and aspirations.”

“Playing small is living a life full of regrets.”

Quotes by John R. Miles


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