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Why Your Ego Is Holding You Back | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
5 signs you have an ego problem

There is such a fine line between confidence and ego. You can have faith in your abilities and be a forceful leader without an ego. In this podcast, John R. Miles discusses the ego, how to know if your ego is running your life, why your ego is holding you back, and 5 ways to recognize if you have an ego problem.

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49 | Is Ego Getting In Your Way? | John R. Miles
49 | Is Ego Getting In Your Way? | John R. Miles

Why Your Ego is Holding You back

What if you were told that there was one thing that was preventing you from all of the success you’ve ever imagined. It was the cause of you not achieving your aspirations. And, it was one simple thing that you could address to unlock your greatness. Would it have your attention? It may sound too good to be true, but in this podcast, John discusses why it isn’t. And, it’s not money, your friends, or a winning lottery ticket. One thing takes control of your perceptions, your actions, and how you feel about yourself and others. It’s your ego.

The simple fact is that we all have an ego – and if left unchecked, it will get in our way and hold us back from achieving our full potential.

Is Your Ego Getting in Your Way?

We cross the lines into ego when we can’t (or won’t try to) understand perceptions.  Understanding another person’s perception is different than agreeing.  We may disagree, but if we can’t understand where another person is coming from, we can have a dialog.  When our knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss without seeking to learn, it is ego getting in the way.

When you think of our ego, think of it as your entitlement. When your ego gets the best of you, it is telling you that you deserve something. Even possible that you are owed something. Your ego is that silent but deadly voice inside your head that lets other people’s opinions of you influence how you act and respond to other people. When you let your ego have its way, it creates a fear of failure and focuses on self vs. others. Your ego is something you’ve conjured up in your mind to compensate for your insecurities.

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Why Your Ego is Holding You Back Show Notes

  • Understanding when we cross into an ego problem
  • How EGO impacted John’s team at Lowe’s
  • How a big ego can hold you back
  • Why we should focus on efforts instead of outcomes
  • Five Signs You have an ego problem
  • How does the ego run your life?

Quotes by John R. Miles

“Perhaps the most difficult step in overcoming an ego problem is admitting you have one in the first place.”

“When you shift your focus onto efforts instead of outcomes, you foster a healthy and realistic method of setting goals.”

Quotes by John R. Miles on why your ego is holding you back
Passion Struck Podcast YouTube Video on why your ego is holding you back


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