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Why We Need Women At All Levels | Tricia Dempsey | Passion Struck Podcast
What Would the World Look Like Without women?

It is becoming increasingly clear that businesses prosper when they have women in leadership roles. That is why we need women at all levels. 

30 | Why We Need Women At All Levels | Tricia Dempsey
30 | Why We Need Women At All Levels | Tricia Dempsey

In this powerful interview, Tricia Dempsey and John R. Miles discuss why we need women at all levels, becoming the CEO of your own life, the secret to overcoming fears, and so much more.

In the show, Tricia discusses how she came to a point in her life that she realized she needed change. She started following a new group of people, reading new things, and get her brain focused on what’s possible and not the impossible or what seems impossible. 

She started to do micro shifts gradually, and before long, she had found her path to a new career and a new outlook in life. In essence, she had become passion-struck. In this episode, we discuss what to do when you realize your passion/purpose is not what you’re doing right now. 

How do to make the transition to successfully doing what you are called to do every day. And, who cares if everyone else thinks your crazy.   She discusses how the pandemic has negatively impacted more women than any other group of people on earth.  They are calling this the women’s recession.  And it’s making a lot of women re-evaluate their careers, starting businesses, and creating a life THEY love.    

And much more.   Enjoy!!!  

What You Will Learn About Why We Need Women at All Levels

  • Why She Was Bored With Her Career And Why So Many Others Are
  • How She Faced Her Fears and Her Advice For Others
  • How to Become an Action Creator
  • How She Helps Her Clients to Get Starting
  • Facing the Brutal Reality of Your Current Situation
  • The Importance Mentors Played in Her Life
  • Being the CEO of Your Life
  • The Analogy Of The Kitchen Stool
  • The Impact of The McKinsey Syndrome
  • Rise of the Fractional Executive
  • Why Corporate America Is Not What You Expect
  • Her Advice To Those Telling You That You Are Crazy
  • Why You Need To Start Your Exit Plan Now

Quotes From Tricia Dempsey About Why We Need Women At All Levels

“The relief for people takes place as soon as they make the decision.”

“Know that you are the CEO of your life, and you have the power to create the life you want.”

“Insight without action is absolutely worthless. That action really does create the validation path to get to the next step.” 

“And I was bored to tears like, not willing to get up every day and go into the office.”

“This business will probably be the biggest business I’ve ever been in been a part of. And I was so fearful for so long about it. But I now see it completely different. That was a major shift in beliefs.” 

“You just gotta have you got to normalize no’s and normalize failures because it’s just part of the journey, for sure.”

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— Navy veteran, multi-industry CEO, and Author John R. Miles is on a mission to make passion go viral by helping growth seekers to overcome their fear, self-doubt, and adversity. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a CEO and Fortune 50 C-Level Executive, and the truths he has learned to help make other’s lives better. His new podcast Passion Struck provides inspirational interviews and powerful guidance for people to take their lives to the next level. Watch as these high achievers weigh in on life’s biggest questions and challenges as we journey on the path to becoming passion-struck.

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