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Passion Struck: The Key to Unlocking Your Potential

Today’s show is a special one, as John shares his big WHY that pushed him to start this show. John is a former NAVY combat veteran, multi-industry CEO, and human performance expert. He is obsessed with helping make passion go viral and unlocking your potential.

EP1 | Passion Struck: Facing Your Biggest Fears, Igniting Your Creativity, and Unlocking Your Potential
EP1 | Passion Struck: Facing Your Biggest Fears, Igniting Your Creativity, and Unlocking Your Potential

The Passion Struck podcast is meant to ignite your creativity, and unlock your hidden potential. In this show, business leaders, athletes, and entertainers shall be sharing their life story, their biggest fears, and how they pursued their passions in face of all odds. 

We may not like to admit it, but there has been a steady decline of social forces in the United States. Start-up action is easing up, and development is slowing down.

“Make a choice. Make it happen. And make it happen every day”

Hillary Swank

Fewer and fewer people are taking the leap of faith. As we embrace apathy and comfort, we are shunning the risk-taking, growth mindset that made our country the largest economic power in the world.  

So, if you are looking for some inspiration to nudge you on, then join our evolutionary community now!


What You Will Learn In This Show About Unlocking Your Potential

  • How to ignite your creativity and unlock your hidden potential
  • Has American society gone into a steady state of decline?
  • Cultivating a risk-taking, growth mindset
  • And so much more…

Quotes by John R. Miles

“Entrepreneurship is down across all high-income countries”.

“The most challenging critics that we will ever face are ourselves”.

“Apathy and comfort are the enemies of passion”.

Quotes by John R. Miles


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