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How to Unleash Your Hidden Creative Genius | Nir Bashan | Passion Struck Podcast
The Creator Mindset author Nir Bashan discusses unlocking creativity

Do you know how to unleash your hidden creative genius ? Learn from Nir Bashan, the author of The Creator Mindset, the secret to unlocking your creativity and creating the passion-driven life you have always wanted.

36 | The Secret to Unlocking Your Creativity w/ Nir Bashan
36 | The Secret to Unlocking Your Creativity w/ Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan, today’s guest on the Passion Struck podcast, is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has consulted with and educated thousands of leaders and individuals across the world on how to harness the power of their creative genius to improve profitability, increase sales, and ultimately create more meaning in their work. McGraw/Hill published his book The Creator Mindset in August 2020.

In this episode, he and John R. Miles discuss how to use your hidden creative genius to solve problems in your career and your life.

What is Creativity?

It’s essential to define creativity.

The creative process links the relationship between old concepts or develops new connections between ideas. You can think of creative thinking as not using a blank slate to build something new, but in using what is already existing and bringing those building blocks in a new novel way.

How to Find Your Creative Genius

John R. Miles interviews Bashan on how becoming a creative genius is easier than it may appear, yet there are few companies and individuals who do it well. It starts with finding an idea and then executing it. Get feedback, analyze, and improve on it. Do it again and again, just like in agile project management. Show up daily and repeat it over time.

You only find your creative genius when you do the hard work to bring it to life.

The world needs more creative geniuses. People who use their creative mindset to unlock inspiration in others. What appears to be easy for you is often an amazing feat when viewed from another’s position. But, until you are willing to share, you’ll never know.

In today’s episode, we discuss how to apply your creative genius to your personal life and using creativity to power your journey to becoming Passion Struck and living the life you’ve always dreamed of achieving.

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Unleashing Your Creative Genius Show Notes

  • The importance of music for brain functioning
  • The transition from music to film and how it impacted his creative genius
  • Methodical approach to little victories
  • Overcoming his fears in writing his book
  • How to unleash creativity in your life
  • Why to stop being a visionary arsonist
  • How 2021 has caused us to lose some of our creativity
  • Building the Creator Mindset

Quotes from Nir Bashan on Being a Creative Genius

“I talk about the art of shutting up in the book (The Creator Mindset). How sometimes you just need to shut your mouth and let other people talk.”

“I noticed that in order to do well in any business you have to be really creative”

“Success is really made up of a bunch of little steps that lead finally to some big moment.”


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