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The Key to Personal Growth | Vice Admiral Walter “Ted” Carter, USN (Ret) | Passion Struck Podcast

In this powerful episode, John R. Miles interviews Vice Admiral Walter “Ted” Carter Jr., USN (Ret.) the President of the University of Nebraska System. They discuss learning the key to personal growth, how the University of Nebraska responded to the COVID pandemic, important changes he made during his time as the Naval Academy Superintendent, and his leadership lessons for aspiring leaders. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

28 | Learning the Keys to Personal Growth | Walter (Ted) Carter
28 | Learning the Keys to Personal Growth | Walter (Ted) Carter

Have you ever wondered what is the key to personal growth?

Vice Admiral Ted Carter discusses his journey to choosing the Naval Academy over attending Brown University and how it shaped the person he is today. The biggest life lessons learned from the Naval Academy about being a follower first.

The importance of varsity sports. Becoming the Men’s Hockey team captain and the leadership lessons it taught him about the key to personal growth.

What it was like to receive the puck from the US Curling team at the NHL Winter Classic held at the Naval Academy in 2018 and what made that event so speacial.

His experience from serving 5 years as the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy and why it is such an exhausting and rewarding position.

He discusses a fundamental change that he made to the Honor Concept. He discusses his new role as the President of the University of Nebraska and how much the school means to the people of Nebraska and the state’s economy.

Coach Scott Frost’s role in turning around the Nebraska Football program and what makes him such a great leader.

Going to Top Gun when he was in his mid-20s as one of 8 aircraft that went through the program. The evolution of the modern Top Gun program.

One of his scariest moments in a fighter aircraft and the importance of relationships.

And so much more!!!

What You Will Learn on the Show About the Key to Personal Growth

  • What Was the Reason He Attended the Naval Academy
  • How He Learned Leadership From Varsity Sports
  • Dropping the Puck at the 2018 NHL Winter Classic
  • The NHL’s Reaction to Game and Academy
  • His Long Tenure as the Superintendent
  • Why He Changed the Naval Academy Honor Concept
  • How the Honor Code is Implemented at the University of Nebraska
  • The Selection Process For Him Becoming Nebraska President
  • The Importance of the University of Nebraska on Serving its People
  • The Future of Husker Football Program
  • His Experience at Top Gun and His Decision to Make the Navy his Career
  • The Future of Flight and the Human in the Loop
  • His Craziest Experience in a Fighter
  • Biggest Lesson for Future Leaders
  • Why Relationships Matter and are the key to personal growth
  • His Forrestal Lecture and “Price is Right” experience

Quotes From VADM William “Ted” Carter, President of the University of Nebraska System

“Plebe summer was transformative for me, mainly because it was that time when you realize you can’t really do anything on your own. It’s all being part of a team. But also, you had to deliver yourself.”

“It (Winter Classic) was a spectacle. It was no kidding a Super Bowl-level event. The capitals ended up winning the game. The gold medal curlers pushed the puck out to center ice on a stone; it landed right in the middle of center ice, and then I got to take the puck off the stone and drop the puck.”

“I looked at the honor concept as it was written when I took over as superintendent, and I realized that it was a need of something, maybe to be more modernized so it would resonate with the Midshipman of today.”

“We are such a centerpiece of the entire state of Nebraska. I mean, I talked about, you know, being in the public eye when I was a superintendent, the Naval Academy, this is to that level, and maybe even a little bit more. I mean, Nebraska is an agricultural state. 90% of the entire landmass is farmland or ranches. So that is the number one economic driver of the entire state, but a close second is the University.”

“We very well could get to a point where we’re launching airplanes off of an aircraft carrier, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, or the South Pacific and tankers, and many of the missions that had historically had pilots and naval flight officers in it may not be there.”

“You got to be ready for your moment. And don’t shy from it; take it.”

“One of the things I’ve learned is that no matter who you come in contact with, you got to treat everybody fairly with dignity and respect and never underestimate anybody.”

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