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Stop self sabotaging behavior By Being A Visionary Arsonist | Passion Struck Podcast

Thank you for watching or listening to the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful Momentum Friday Episode, John R. Miles discusses how you can stop self sabotaging behavior in your life by being a visionary arsonist. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

9 | Stop Sabotaging Your Life By Being A Visionary Arsonist!
9 | Stop Sabotaging Your Life By Being A Visionary Arsonist!

How often have you launched an epic new product, new personal brand, initiative, or project only to see it burn up in flames? We often have great intentions, but sometimes our actions get in the way of making progress. Why? Because we unintentionally light fires that cause our visions to go up in flame.

We know personally as entrepreneurs and leaders, that a life spent hustling on the cutting edge of innovation comes with risks.

How often are we faced with countless decisions that could impact our company’s life, the future of an initiative, and the achievement of the goals that could lead to incredible outcomes? Instead, we find ourselves using self sabotaging behavior that burns these decisions to the ground.

In today’s show, John unpacks the “visionary arsonist” concept, how it can lead you astray, and prevent you from achieving your main goal because of your self sabotaging behavior. As leaders, we love to innovate.

Stop Sabotaging Your Life on the Passion Struck Podcast

And, we are constantly enamored by every shiny new object that crosses our path. We hate the status quo. And exploring the new and the unknown gives us an adrenaline rush that we find irresistible. However, more often than not, these “shiny new objects” send us on a wild goose chase that only results in loss of time & productivity, and even failure. John shares his many experiences from corporate America and his personal life to better explain his “visionary arsonist” concept. S

So, if this is something that resonates with you, and you find yourself lacking conviction and prioritization, tuning in today will particularly help you out.

Enjoy! —-

What You Will Learn in This Show About Self Sabotaging Behavior

Woman Showing Self-Sabotaging Behavior
Woman Who is a Visionary Arsonist

How Often Do We self Sabotage Our Own Dreams?

What does it mean to be an elevator CEO?

John’s Visionary Arsonist experience at Lowe’s Home Improvement

How Often Do we Blame External Factors Instead of Taking Accountability For our self-sabotaging behavior?

Why Negativity Is So Disastrous To Your Dreams

Zone of Optimal Anxiety

How to recognize being a visionary arsonist

Examples of Visionary Arsonist in real life

How to keep your focus and avoid being swayed by every shiny, new object

Quotes About Self Sabotaging Behavior

“We end up lighting fires that have our vision going up in flames”.

“Our daily inputs can blow up the very outcome that we strive to achieve”.

“Avoid the temptation to play with fire in your pursuits”.

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