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Saying I Can-Do to Life | Victoria Humphries | Passion Struck Podcast

In this powerful episode of the Passion Struck podcast, John R. Miles interviews Victoria Humphries (Riches) about saying I can-do to life by being willing to have an anything is possible attitude. By saying “I CAN” to life’s opportunities, she found it to be the key to living her bucket list which she calls her 50 at 50. As Victoria approached her 50th birthday she decided to set herself 50 challenges.  The initial plan being to do all of them over two years – the year leading up to her 50th and the year of her 50th.

46 | Taking Life to New Heights | Victoria Humphries
46 | Taking Life to New Heights | Victoria Humphries

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How to Say I Can-Do to Life

Do you believe anything possible? Victoria Humphries (Riches) has built her life and career around that simple saying and living with a can-do attitude she never imagined possible. She is a polar adventurer, three times Guinness World Record holder, mountain climber, marathon runner, author, businesswoman, motivational & after-dinner speaker, and just a ‘normal’ person.

Victoria is obsessed with the power of self-belief; not a cocky arrogance but the belief that if you want to do something badly enough you can do it.  She believes that Anything is Possible if you put your mind to it. What’s the worst that can happen? Just give it a go!  

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Always remember that anything is possible – just believe in yourself!


How to Develop a Can-Do Attitude

How often do we see people go through life with their entire outlook on life being one of negativity? When we go through life in this way, it dramatically causes a decline in our ability to succeed and live life to our full capability.  So, instead of consciously creating a successful life, the negative disposition will cause you to let life happen to you instead of you controlling your trajectory. If that’s not the life path you have always imagined, then it’s time to transform your current attitude into a can-do attitude.

Why we approach life with a can-do attitude, we no longer succumb to our fears, worries, self-doubt, and indifference. Instead, we become passion-struck in our pursuit of a no regrets life. A life where anything is possible if you set your mind to it. It is saying “Yes” to life-changing opportunities and having the willpower to take our life to new heights, just as Victoria is doing with her ambitious 50 at 50 challenge.

Show Notes

  • Learning an “I Can” attitude
  • Growing from failure
  • Stepping into life’s door
  • Open door mentality
  • Her polar expedition
  • Flying a frozen C-130 plane
  • Finding her middle ground
  • Her 50 at 50 challenge
  • Overcoming fear
  • Having self-belief
  • Her book “Frigid Women”
  • Succeeding in hard times
  • Rapid round







“If an opportunity is presented to you or a door is opened for you, step through it, step into it.”

“If you conceive yourself succeeding, that’s how you gain self-belief.”

“Things will always go wrong. And my goodness, they will go wrong badly at times, but you’ve got to keep moving. You can’t stop and bury your head in the sand, but equally, don’t ignore what’s happened; learn from it.”

Victoria Humphries Quotes


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