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Rob Greenlee on the Future of Podcasting and Growth Trends

Rob Greenlee (@robwgreenlee) discusses the future of podcasting and podcast trends to pay attention to (2022 and Beyond). | Brought to you by Trade Coffee (

Today’s guest is Podcast Hall of Famer Robert Greenlee. Rob is the VP of Content and Partnerships at Libsyn (LSYN). He is a current Board Member and Former Chair of The Podcast Academy. He started on radio in 1999 and then podcasting in 2004 with the first nationally syndicated radio show, “WebTalk World Radio Show,” to begin podcasting. Robert and fellow Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee Todd Cochrane host “The New Media Show,” where they interview luminaries from the podcasting space providing deep insight into what is actually happening in the podcasting world. He was inducted into the “Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame” in 2017.

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Rob Greenlee

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What I Discuss With Rob Greenlee On The Future Of Podcasting

  • The syndicated Webtalk World radio show that became his first podcast in 2004.
  • Rob Greenlee’s experience working for Microsoft and why Microsoft missed out on the explosion of podcasting.
  • The story of Dell’s failed entry into smartphones and its parallels to Microsoft’s missed opportunities.
  • How he developed his lifelong passion for podcasting.
  • The importance of content marketing to the future of podcasting.
  • Rob Greenlee’s views on the current state of podcasting
  • The future of podcasting (trends 2022 and beyond)
  • Rob and my advice on launching a podcast and podcasting for beginners.
  • The future direction of his podcast called the New Media Show.
  • What podcast format drives the most downloads and why Apple is still the leader in the space.
  • The future of video in the podcasting space.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
125 | The Future of Podcasting | Rob Greenlee | Passion Struck with John R. Miles
125 | The Future of Podcasting | Rob Greenlee | Passion Struck with John R. Miles

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More About This Show On The Future of Podcasting with Rob Greenlee

During our interview, I talked to Rob Greenlee about the importance of your message delivery and how he grew comfortable being a podcast host.

Rob explained, “Podcasting is a psychological game. It’s a hard thing to teach someone. I think having years and years on the microphone, in all sorts of different situations, really trains you to adapt very quickly. And that’s what this show has done for me for many years. It has really caused me to become even a stronger life podcaster or media creator. And I’m a lot more comfortable. And it’s turned me into being a much better public speaker too. THE SKILLS ARE TRANSFERABLE when I do keynotes, go speak at a conference, lead a panel, or just do zoom calls. That’s one of the big takeaways.”

The Secret to Becoming a Better Podcast Host

I discussed with Rob what makes a good podcaster compared to a mediocre one?

  • Why do you need to follow the newest trends constantly?
  • How do you make the show better?
  • How do you become better?
Quote by Rob Greenlee o podcasting being a psychological game on the passion struck podcast

Rob Greenlee provides this guidance: “I think it’s a lot like starting a business. Right? You have to think about your strategy. You have to think about how you approach the market. You have to think about your level of dedication, consistency, and follow-through. It is about making promises and following through with those you make to your listeners. It’s a serious endeavor.

The biggest thing that I spend a lot of time on when I work with podcasters is helping them cut through the noise because it can be very confusing. It’s almost like walking into a grocery store. And has 40 different brands of toilet paper. Which one do you buy? To some degree, that’s the case with podcasting. What mic do you get, and what platform to host it on? Do I need to be on all the listening platforms? The questions are longer than a lot of people have time for. It really comes down to how you focus on what you’re doing, and how it aligns with other parts of your life.

Because there’s a huge amount of people that start these things and quit 7 to 10 episodes into it because they either run out of something to talk about, they run out of time, life gets in the way, or it’s not aligned with their bigger life strategy, and it just doesn’t fit.”

Thanks, Rob Greenlee!

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About Today’s Guest Rob Greenlee

Passion Struck with John R. Miles episode 125 podcast album with Hall of Fame podcaster Rob Greenlee

Rob Greenlee iVP, Libsyn, Co-Host of and Coming Host of Spoken Life Show with Rob Greenlee. He formerly served as VP, Podcaster Relations at Voxnext’s Spreaker. Greenlee started on radio in 1999 and then podcasting in 2004 with the first nationally syndicated radio show  “WebTalk World Radio Show” to begin podcasting.  Rob also worked as Voxnest’s Head of Partnerships and Spreaker’s Head of Content. Greenlee’s other prior positions have included EVP/CTO at, Business/Content Manager of Podcasts at Microsoft Zune, and Xbox Live Marketplace.


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