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Michelle Royal On The Ways to Deploy Your Creative Ideas
How to create your innovative power

Do you know how to deploy your creative ideas? In this episode of the Passion Struck Podcast, Michelle Royal discusses how she uses visualization, art, and design thinking to create innovative breakthroughs in mindset and behavior. Michelle Royal is a world-renowned expert in bringing visual stories to life, unlocking the hidden collective power of individuals and organizations through creative ideas.

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“Innovation isn’t the ideation process. Innovation is making sure that every single idea gets into the hands of those whom it is going to serve.”

Michelle Royal

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58 | Creating Your Innovative Power | Michelle Royal | Passion Struck Podcast
58 | Creating Your Innovative Power | Michelle Royal | Passion Struck Podcast

What is a Creative Idea?

creative idea is an intersection where two or more concepts or thoughts converge to create a unique and novel new way of doing something that has never been done before. That is the moment when a creative idea is born. Think of it this way. The concept of doing away with the need for on-premise computers in a data center became the creative idea of cloud computing. The notion that there was a need to take payments anywhere at any time using a portable device became the creative idea behind mobile payments.

When you think about creative ideas or a new invention (which ultimately has its core inspiration from other creative ideas), you can disassemble it into different concepts that came together at the moment that the idea or invention was born.

More About This Show On Creative Ideas With Michelle Royal

Are Creative Ideas the Same as Innovation?

In a nutshell, no. But, it’s important to understand that, first of all, innovation isn’t the ideation process. And, it isn’t building the basic idea or solution, or product. It is making sure that every creative idea gets into the hands of those it will serve. A creative idea doesn’t care what it becomes, and it will go to whoever is going to help bring it to life. Creative ideas have one purpose: to serve as many people as possible, and we are meant to be the conduits for that value creation.

In this powerful interview, John R. Miles and Michelle Royal, discuss how you can use the power of innovation power to unleash creative ideas and how her family’s Subway dynasty of 350 stores spurred her personal journey into using visualization and design thinking to make ideas come to life.

Michelle discusses her formula for innovative power which is CURIOSITY (RESOURCEFULNESS x FOCUS) squared by EMOTION = POWER!

We talk today about how her parent’s entrepreneurial spirit impacted her own entrepreneurial pursuit, why she didn’t join the family business, her pursuit of art and the creativity is unleashed, the moment she realized her calling and the steps she took to pursue it, how she didn’t listen to the voices telling her she couldn’t pursue her dreams, how you to can unleash your creative power and so much more. She discusses the influence her mentor, Tom Wujec, a senior fellow at Autodesk, had on her becoming interested in design thinking and business visualization.

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  • 0:00 Show Intro
  • 1:22 Michelle Royal Biography
  • 4:41 Her family’s journey into owning a Subway franchise dynasty
  • 10:47 She describes the moment her parent’s life changed forever
  • 17:22 The importance of having faith in yourself
  • 19:43 How she learned to become resourceful
  • 21:51 Her original path pursuing her passion in the Arts
  • 29:20 How meeting Tom Wujec opened her eyes to design thinking
  • 34:08 Overcoming her critics telling her she couldn’t live her passion
  • 37:34 Why no one succeeds alone
  • 44:03 See a compelling future and making it possible
  • 48:38 Why M&A is the new norm company’s are using to drive innovation
  • 51:51 Her work in helping with valuation creation teams
  • 54:45 How to create your innovative power
  • 1:01:16 Learning to fully trust our own voice
  • 1:07:30 What is the core value that we bring to the world

Quotes by Michelle Royal

“Innovation isn’t the ideation process. Innovation is making sure that every single idea gets into the hands of those whom it is going to serve.”

“There is no dream for any individual that is too small or simple or plain as long as it is yours.”

“If you aren’t kind to yourself first. If you don’t work on yourself and really understand your strengths and weaknesses and love yourself for them, it’s going to be hard to move on. You will always walk in your own shadow of something else that you want to be other than authentically you.”

Quotes from Michelle Royal


Michelle Royal Passion Struck Podcast Cover

Michelle Royal is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of RIDG (Royal Innovation Design Group). She is an artist self-made speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, who was raised in the growing Subway franchise empire. Her mission is to co-create a world of One Billion Innovators by inspiring contagious worth and value. Michelle holds a Master of Business Innovation (MBI) from the Deusto Business School in Bilbow, Spain, a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and served as the first-ever Innovation Coach to the European Union.


Quote from Michelle Royal on creative Ideas


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