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The Three Bold Life-Lessons I learned from Matthew McConaughey
The Importance of Showing Up In Your Daily Life

5 | When Matthew McConaughey Taught Me The Importance of Showing Up
5 | When Matthew McConaughey Taught Me The Importance of Showing Up

What is the one thing that Matthew McConaughey taught me which had a profound impact on my life? 

It’s the importance of showing up.

Matthew was a regular at our weekly congregation in Austin. He would show up unfailingly with his entire family, bring along his co-stars, and even mix freely with everyone. He didn’t present himself as unreachable, instead, he acted as if he was a regular guy wanting to participate just as everyone else did. I got to see him as he really is and what made him come to life.

This had a huge impact on my son who was facing a particularly tough time in middle school then. Matthew also made me realize that I need to be more present for my family, irrespective of my busy professional life.

In today’s show, I reveal the three things that you can do so that you can show up every single day. If you feel that you need to set your priorities right, and have been unfair to your loved ones, listening to today’s show will particularly help you out.


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Matthew McConaughey Taught Many Life Lessons

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Three Ways you can show up every single day
  • How to make a contract with yourself and hold yourself accountablele
  • How to manage your time in the most judicious manner
  • And so much more…


“The willingness to show up changes us and makes us a little braver each time ` Brene Brown”

“Take accountability for where you are spending your time”.

“Make sure that you conduct an audit of those things that are holding you back, you make a contract with yourself, and that you focus on at least one thing every day, and that your daily goals are aligning with that contract”.


The Contract With Yourself

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