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Why Personal Agility is Vital to Success | Maria Matarelli | Passion Struck Podcast

Wish to learn about a management technique called personal agility that can work wonders for your professional life and your personal life and help you to become a serial entrepreneur? 

6 | Maria Matarelli | Using Personal Agility to Unlock Your Serial Entrepreneur Kingdom
6 | Maria Matarelli | Using Personal Agility to Unlock Your Serial Entrepreneur Kingdom

In today’s show, we interview Maria Matarelli, President, Formula ink, co-founder of Agile Marketing Academy, and co-founder of Personal Agility Institute reveals how her agile management strategies can catapult you miles ahead of the competition both in your business and personal life. Always a hard charger, Maria started working at 15 and paid her way through college. When she entered professional life, she decided to pursue agile project management – which was then an unknown field with very few experts. 

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Maria progressed quickly through the corporate ranks, and as a 22-year-old, she was managing a 120-person team and saving her employer $1.5 million every year through her project management expertise. 

So, when she was handed out a measly 5% increment, Maria decided to push back against the system, and ultimately, she managed to wrangle out a 100% salary increase.

This win proved to be the turning point for Maria as she realized that if she worked hard enough and made herself indispensable, she could bend the rules. 

After some more agile project management stints, Maria decided to branch out on her own by kickstarting her own consultancy. While this was a brave and farsighted decision, the first year and a half certainly tested Maria’s mettle. From running through her entire bank balance to buying one-way tickets to Thailand and India, Maria went all out to realize her vision.

Agile techniques, Maria reveals can help you improve not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. So, if you are routinely bouncing off things, lack consistency, and follow-through, then listening to Maria will surely help you out. 


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Questions That I Ask Maria Matarelli In This Show

  • How do you transition from the insurance industry to agile management consultancy?
  • Can you recall your AH-HA moment?
  • How did you overcome your fears and doubts when you were just starting out?
  • What do you do to stay on top of the market?
  • Do you recall your first big success? What did it feel like?
  • How have you applied your agile methodology to your personal life?
  • How did you make a name for yourself as a DJ?
  • Why did I see you wearing a T-Rex Costume?
  • Where do I get my own money gun?

What You Will Learn In This Show About Personal Agility

  • How Maria started her own agile management consultancy
  • How to overcome some of the biggest entrepreneurial challenges
  • How to build your personal brand in the consultancy space
  • How finding your own niche can drive profitability and growth
  • How to apply agile methodology to your personal life
  • And so much more

Quotes by Maria Matarelli

“You don’t have to know everything but you just need to be willing to take a step.”

“In order to get ahead, you have to do something more than the bare minimum.”

“When you niche down, that is when you get the results, the profitability because that is when you can connect with the ideal customer.”

Personal Agility Quotes by Maria Matarelli

Follow Maria Matarelli

Maria is an international business consultant, experienced Agile Coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who consults and trains companies on reaching true agility. Maria travels to consult Fortune 100 companies and speak at industry conferences with locations from Shanghai to Singapore and Thailand to Nova Scotia.

While looking for ways to continue to expand Agile outside IT, Maria and her team have been applying Agile to the Marketing realm with incredible results, which led to Maria co-founding the Agile Marketing Academy. Maria also co-founded the Personal Agility Institute, helping people use Agile to do more of what matters in their lives and shift the culture of organizations. Maria is also the Founder and President of Formula Ink, an international consulting company, and is passionate about working with people and organizations to increase speed to market, increase efficiency, and get greater results in business.


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