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Unlocking The Formula to Lead by Example | Tuck Williams | Passion Struck Podcast
Tuck Williams and John R. Miles on the Passion Struck Podcast

For those who are looking to become the next generation of passion-struck leaders, there are few sages and guides to learn from better than those who lead by example – and kept the world turning by doing so.

8 | Master Chief Tuck Williams | Intriguing Life-Lessons From 30 Years of Navy Experience
8 | Master Chief Tuck Williams | Intriguing Life-Lessons From 30 Years of Navy Experience

Tuck joined the Navy in 1989 and recently retired after 30 years in service. Of these 30 years, 12 were spent at sea. He has served in far-flung places like Spain and Japan and has been decorated with numerous service medals. Throughout all of his career, one of the biggest lessons he learned was to lead by example.

How Do You Overcome Your Biggest Challenges to Lead by Example?

In this podcast, you will learn how to overcome some of the biggest challenges that are impeding your progress. Tuck shares some of the most important lessons learned in his three-decade-long service from steering clear of distractions to swift conflict resolution. Finding the right mentors also helped Tuck immensely along the way to lead by example.

When he was just 19, he was drafted to Japan. An unsure and slightly out-of-sorts, Tuck, fortunately, found a great mentor to lean on who helped him settle down. Be it the military or corporate America, the only constant changes. And if you run away from change, you are committing hara-kiri as eventually your enemy or your competition will end up having a leg up on you.

But, how can you drive for conflict resolution and prevent chaos in a dynamic environment? What can you do to show up a responsible, caring, and thoughtful leader?

Other topics discussed in today’s show include keeping your emotions in check at the workplace, tips for handling toxic people, and the importance of making good choices.


Master Chief Tuck Williams On the Passion Struck ™ Podcast

Lead by Example – Questions That I Ask Tuck Williams In This Show

– What exactly is information warfare?

– Why are we not focusing on the urgent things that can truly move the needle forward for us?

– How did you keep your focus when you were serving in the Navy?

– What were some of the daily habits and routines that helped you find success in the Navy?

– How can you avoid being a visionary arsonist?

– What are some powerful lessons about leading by example that you have learned from some of the best leaders you have ever worked with?

– How did you learn to evaluate an organization to unearth the underlying issues?

– What tips do you have for handling toxic people and ensuring productivity and momentum?

– What advice do you have for your twenty-year-old self?

— What is the hardest thing that you have ever done in your career?

What You Will Learn In This Show

– Being dynamic and handling change

– How to steer clear of distractions and maintain your focus

– Importance of surrounding yourself with the right people who will move the needle forward

-Tips for preventing conflict and chaos within an organization And so much more…


“The opportunity is out there, but you got to find the relentless drive after that opportunity.”

“If you let your emotion take over, then it will hurt your progress.”

“If you are not changing, you are not getting better every day. And, you know that? That’s how you lose wars.”

“I think the people you choose to align yourself with can have a direct impact on whether or not you had the opportunity to be seen be successful.”

More about Master Chief Tuck Williams

Tuck Williams retired after serving as the Force Master Chief Navy Personnel Command. His fleet assignments include Navy Security Group Activity Rota, Spain, USS SARATOGA (CV-60), USS KIDD (DDG-993), USS JOSEPHUS DANIELS (CG-27), USS THORN (DD-988), USS RADFORD (DD-968), USS ESSEX (LHD-2), USS BULKELEY (DDG-84), USS OAK HILL (LSD-51), Navy Personnel Command, Millington, Tennessee, Navy Information Operations Command, Yokosuka, Japan, Navy Personnel Command, Millington, Tennessee, and Naval Support Activity Mid-South.

His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3 awards), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 awards) and various unit and campaign awards.

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