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John Lewis On: How to Create Your Virtual Legacy

John Lewis (@theathleticceo) is a former Divison 1 basketball player, entrepreneur, and CEO of the Virtual Legacy which helps entrepreneurs grow and scale hyper-profitable service-businesses aka coaches, consultants, and agency owners. He sits down with John R Miles to talk about how to create your virtual legacy.

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John Lewis

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What We Discuss With John Lewis About Creating a Virtual Legacy:

  • His unlikely journey to escaping New Orleans through sports and how he had to overcome his height disadvantage to become a Division 1 and 2 college basketball player.
  • What playing college athletics taught him about building resilience and how he has turned that into one of his superpowers and into creating multiple million-dollar businesses.
  • How he helps entrepreneurs find their niche, and more importantly, how they can navigate this new content economy that we’re all in.
  • How he has noticed a pattern of why most Entrepreneurs can’t scale and distilled it down to 3 key forces: generalism, improper delegation, and the lack of conversion.
  • And then lastly, we go into how you build a personal brand and create a virtual legacy, one that will make such a lasting difference for the entrepreneur and their ability to impact the world around us.
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]m!
  • And much more…
83 | How to Create Your Virtual Legacy | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
83 | How to Create Your Virtual Legacy | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About This Show On Creating a Virtual Legacy With John Lewis

During our interview, I asked John Lewis about how he sees the education space changing as we are in the midst of the “information age.”

John explains, “what’s gonna separate you in this day and age is giving people things they can actually take action on applying their lives. The education space is expected to go from 250 billion estimated right now to over 1 trillion in 2025. And I believe the reason that that shift is happening is not because of the new money that’s being put into the economy.

It’s because people are taking their money from large institutions, where everything was just solely information-based and getting new information that is actionable. And now they’re paying people like yourself, people like myself. And the reason they’re paying for that is that they want results faster, they don’t want to have to wait years to actually get into making money. They want to pay me and they want to pay you to give them actionable items to do that can make them money this month, or next month, or three months down the road.”

Wealth of Nations Book by Adam Smith

We also discuss the new economy we are now entering and how it will impact the types of work that people perform.

John Lewis points out, “I’m a huge economics geek to the point where I’ve read Adam Smith books that are super, super ancient, and very hard to read. But the new economy for me actually stems from the older economy, which was back in the Agricultural Age. So it’s estimated that in that Agricultural Age, about 97% of people were actually self-employed. There were blacksmiths, there were farmers, but the bottom line is everybody went to individuals for specific services and used those individual services instead of using huge corporations like Sam’s, Amazon, or Walmart.

Fast forward, obviously, the industrial age came, machines have created the ways that we used to have to do things to change. And now a lot of those people who were once self-employed have transitioned into being employees. But the cool thing about economics is a lot of times it works cyclically.

So the same thing is happening right now with the online space, and specifically pertaining to information. Because we’ve transitioned into an era where new information is needed, those huge corporations, colleges specifically, haven’t been able to adapt and move as quickly. That’s one of the negatives, when you have anything that’s a huge institution, their ability to adapt, and change is very, very slow, which has left this huge gap. Now in the education and services space, which a lot of people, a lot of individuals right now have an opportunity to fill that gap.

And that’s why I believe we’re going to get closer and closer may not hit 97%, again, but we’re going to start to trend closer and closer to most people being self-employed. So when I talk about the new era, in this new economy, I’m talking about specifically the information economy, where instead of going to these large institutions, people will come to individuals for that specific information. And that’s where the opportunity is right now.”

Thanks, John Lewis!

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:14 Making it out of New Orleans through sports
  • 6:29 How he started defying the odds in basketball
  • 9:30 What got him into loving business
  • 15:28 Why our minds are a battlefield
  • 19:10 The older man in the dark story
  • 20:23 You can’t be casual in the world of entrepreneurship
  • 23:28 How do you find your core audience
  • 26:43 Importance of power statements
  • 29:11 The key to delivering relative information
  • 31:38 Where the education space is going in the future
  • 34:37 How you create a virtual legacy
  • 37:20 The workforce switch that is happening around us
  • 40:57 The importance of making your brand searchable
  • 43:37 Formula of Intensity over time
  • 46:01 Your top four assets you need to develop
  • 49:40 The importance of persistence and teamwork
John Lewis quote on what will help you create a virtual legacy


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*The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

*Adam Smith: Father of Economics by Jesse Norman

About This Episode’s Guest John Lewis

Passion Struck podcast episode 83 album cover with John Lewis

John Lewis is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up playing basketball his whole life. He always says “where I’m from you make it out one of two ways, sports or entertainment, and I chose sports. In sports, John embraced the leadership role. It was baked into him from being the oldest child of his parents and oldest grandchild. He was accustomed to having the pressure of everyone watching him and expecting great things. This translated well to sports and would later translate to entrepreneurship and founding the Virtual Legacy.

The Virtual Legacy helps clients extract the information from their heads, turn it into a program that can be sold, and puts the systems and processes in place for sales to take place on a consistent basis including but not limited to marketing systems, marketing teams, sales systems, sales teams, and automation.


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