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How to Create Your Best Life | Philip Anthony Mangan | Passion Struck Podcast

Philip Anthony Mangan joins John R. Miles on the Passion Struck podcast to discuss how to create your best life. His journey didn’t start there. In his twenties, he lived the real life of National Lampoon’s Van Wilder when he owned a party bus company in Tallahassee, Fl. But he realized there was more to life than parties, boos, and numbing himself.

Philip goes into detail about how a failed relationship helped give him the courage to challenge his self-narrative and confront his inner demons. Why cutting his long hair was such a profound change for him. We explore why he became a vegan, his charitable work with various nonprofits, and how he unlocked his modeling and acting careers on the way to becoming a wellness coach.

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52 | Creating Your Best Life | Philip Anthony Mangan | Passion Struck Podcast
52 | Creating Your Best Life | Philip Anthony Mangan | Passion Struck Podcast

What Does it Mean to Create Your Best Life?

Living your best life is within your grasp. When you create your best life, you learn how to harness happiness and achieve self-awareness by building healthy relationships and habits in your life. Sometimes being in your best life is taking the time for self-help and caring for your mental well-being. These can be activities that allow you to focus on goal setting, journaling, meditating, and being one with yourself.

For most people, one of our top desires is to live a passion-driven and fulfilled life. One where we live to our full capabilities. A life that is created in unison with our core values. A life where your occupation and influence on others is doing something you love to do and were put on this planet to achieve.

“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.”

Roy T. Bennett

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  • 0:00 Show Intro
  • 2:41 Introducing Philip Anthony Mangan
  • 5:39 Living the party boy life
  • 11:51 How is summer travel changed his perspective
  • 15:12 Why did he cut his hair which was was a major part of his identity
  • 17:35 How he faced his brutal reality and realized he was not living the life he wanted
  • 20:30 How he chose to change his life through a relationship he was in
  • 27:07 How he went about self-reflection
  • 29:14 Quieting the noise through mindfulness
  • 33:24 The door that opened for him in New York
  • 36:22 How he got into modeling
  • 41:26 What led him to become a vegan
  • 43:46 How he became more mindful through diet
  • 48:58 How he helps women with weight loss
  • 50:03 Becoming a personal trainer
  • 53:29 How he customizes his program for clients
  • 56:22 Why you need to push yourself

Philip Anthony Mangan Quotes on Creating Your Best Life

Take the time to get to know yourself and what you’re passionate about. Because the people that are going to make it are the ones that will keep showing up because they’re passionate and learn to handler rejection.

If you don’t take the time for yourself, you don’t take the time to shut down and separate yourself and slow down; then you will never let life guide you on a grander scale.

Philip Anthony Mangan Quotes to create your Best Life


Philip Anthony Mangan, a.k.a. The Wellness Wingman, helps overwhelmed women lose weight & regain control through daily personalized support. Philip is a model, commercial actor, an environmental activist, and a Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


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Philip Anthony Mangan quote about how he created his best life


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