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How To Create A Bucket List | Trav Bell | Passion Struck Podcast

One of life’s most important questions is, “are we living the life we want to live?” Creating your bucket list can be one of the most important things to provide that roadmap for life.

44 | How to Implement Your Bucket List w/ Trav Bell
44 | How to Implement Your Bucket List w/ Trav Bell

In this powerful Passion Struck Podcast, John R. Miles interviews Trav Bell to discuss how you implement your bucket list and create the life you always wanted.

Trav and John discuss why so many people never create the life they want. Why he believes instead of delaying it to retirement, we should be actively living our life plan.

Why it is as easy as taking pen to paper to get started on the task.

The two discuss the idea of a reverse bucket list and why doing self-reflection is such a powerful tool in helping you develop your life plan.

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What is a Bucket List?

A Bucket List is your reason ʻWhyʼ you wake up each day. It is a tangible Life Plan that gives you the inspiration to alter every aspect of your life and give it meaning. By creating it, you will ultimately decrease your daily distractions and place focus on what makes you truly happy in life. However, a bucket list is so much more than just writing a list. Think of it in terms of the journey you will take in achieving your list and about the person you become in the process.

When creating a life plan, you should think about items that are deeply meaningful to you. Don’t include items because you’ve simply seen others do them or you feel you should. What are your aspirations? What did you dream about doing as a kid? What brings you fulfillment in life? 

How to Create a Bucket List

John and Trav discuss how the aspiration of Passion Struck, and the goal of the bucket list is very similar. The Passion Struck Podcast was created to help its listeners to create a NO regrets life. That is exactly what a life plan is all about.  

Passion Struck is about unlocking our unique superpower! It is the catalyst that gets people to stop just merely existing, stop living in the past, stop waiting for that day they stop working, or perfect timingʼ to come around. 

It is so important to wake people up and move forward with their dreams instead of pushing them to the back burner. Through the creation of a personal contract with yourself, aka a bucket list, you document your commitment to life’s goals and living them at your full capabilities. The easiest way to create the list is to simply start down and journaling your thoughts. You shouldn’t think you have to do it in a single setting. Rather, it is something that should evolve over time as you add new items and create your done list of ones you’ve accomplished.

Show Notes

  • Trav Bell introduces his book
  • How Trav built a serial gym franchise
  • The other 23 hours concept
  • How he became the bucket list guy
  • Living congruently to your values
  • What is a reverse bucket list
  • Advice on how to tackle your bucket list
  • The importance of action stacking
  • Creating a contract with yourself
  • Rapid round of questions

Quotes From Trav Bell on Creating a Bucket List

“If it is to be, It is up to me.”

“We live in such a world where we are focused on the future, focused on the next goal, and we forget about what we have already done.”

“How dare I play small. How dare I don’t go as big as I possibly can.”

“I think living congruently to your values, as a human being is the holy grail.”

Quotes by Trav Bell on the Passion Struck Podcast


As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav has obsessively studied the Bucket List phenomenon & blended the worldʼs best Positive Psychology principles to create his own unique life plan Philosophy. He has designed his life around his life plan and now he helps Bucket Listers all over the globe create and cross off theirs.








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