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how do you maintain your forward momentum? | John R. Miles | Passion struck podcast

Ever wondered how you maintain your forward momentum in the face of extreme adversity? Why is confronting your reality so difficult? How can you keep anxiety and depression at bay even when all odds are stacked against you?

3 | Confronting Your Reality, and Maintaining Forward Momentum Even When All Odds Are Against You
3 | Confronting Your Reality, and Maintaining Forward Momentum Even When All Odds Are Against You

In today’s show, John shares his wisdom on confronting your reality, unlocking human potential, and a positive mindset. He uses the Medal of Honor winner Vice Admiral James Stockdale as a guide to illustrate how you maintain forward momentum even when facing your brutal reality.

How Did Admiral Stockdale Maintain Forward Momentum?

Nearly, 30 years back, John R. Miles had the good fortune of meeting Admiral Stockdale in his sophomore year at the Naval Academy. There was no better inspiration than Admiral Stockdale who had been held a POW for a couple of years, was nearly beaten to death, and yet miraculously survived.

So, how did Admiral Stockdale survive the brutality of his captors? In spite of everything, how did he manage to cling on to hope and positivity? Throughout his life, Admiral Stockdale considered his time as a Prisoner of War as a defining negative moment in his life. How often do we continue to focus on the negatives of things in our lives instead of the lessons they teach us and how we overcome and face them as he did.

With the pandemic outbreak, many of us are experiencing pangs of anxiety and depression. While it is tempting to withdraw into a shell, in today’s show, John reminds us WHY you need to face your reality head-on.

You will learn how visualizing your future can help you refocus on what you need to do today so that you can move towards your end goal.


What You Will Learn In This Show About Forward Momentum

  • Why being “indifferent” in the face of adversity is the biggest mistake that you can make
  • How to maintain hope and positivity even when the odds are stacked against you
  • Why you need to focus more on inputs rather than the outcome
  • And so much more…

You can watch the video of our full conversation below or just listen to the audio version as a podcast. If you want more content like this you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Quotes By John R. Miles About Forward Momentum

“And many of us instead of facing the brutal reality, of all the things that are happening to us, we cling to the comfort that’s around us, we fall into the trap of being indifferent.”

“Make a choice. work every day, step into the sharp edges.”

“You tend to focus so much on the outcome that you forget to focus on inputs”.

Quotes by John R. Miles about Forward Momentum

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