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Flory Seidel On: Creating a Happy Life

Flory Seidel (@floryseidel) holds an MBA and is completing his doctoral research at the University of Arizona. In 2013, Flory’s life changed in an instant when he was hit on the left side of his body by a large truck and suffered damages to almost every portion of his entire body. He shares with John R. Miles his incredible recovery story and how he is creating a happy life on the other side of his personal tragedy.

The way I see it is you follow what makes you successful. Align yourself to have a happy life and move the chess pieces on the board, so they line up.

Flory Seidel

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What We Discuss With Flory Seidel About Creating a Happy Life:

  • Why he made the decision to drop out of college initially to support his family when his father became chronically ill.
  • The fateful day he was hit by a large truck and the long recovery he went through to get to where he is today.
  • Why he has a family first approach to life and credits that philosophy for helping him build resolve and the pursuit of a happy life.
  • His doctorial research on proclivity of criminality in the fatherless home. Why we as a culture and a society need to be more aware of this is a worldwide problem and the mental health ramifications that often come as a result.
  • With his surgeries behind him, and a renewed confidence, Flory is ready to take the next step of his journey and becoming “Dr.” Flory L. Seidel.
  • And much more…
81 | Flory Seidel On: How to Create a Happy Life | Passion Struck Podcast
81 | Flory Seidel On: How to Create a Happy Life | Passion Struck Podcast

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More About Living a Happy Life with Our Guest Flory Seidel

During our discussion, Flory talked to me about how he’s had a pattern of impressive victories followed by a devastating loss throughout his life. There were times he felt dejected, and he admitted at times wanting to give up. But, through it all and the recovery from his major accident, he is a role model for having the courage to persevere with the odds stacked against him and still pursue a happy life of abundance.

Roughly four years after being hit by the truck, Flory returned to college in 2016 to follow his passion for Criminology and Justice Studies by studying to become a Doctor of Psychology. His dissertation focuses on “The Proclivity of Crime Within a Fatherless Home: An Urban Perspective.” 

Flory chose this topic because he sees violent acts occur almost every day outside the hospital where he currently works. He also sees children who are starting and need help.

Flory Seidel explains his passion for helping these kids: “My topic is criminality in the fatherless home, which is a huge topic, primarily, where I work in the South Bronx. So I see all these different things that I would really love to change. More than anything, these children need our help and need our awareness at the very least.

It’s a super polarizing topic. And it shouldn’t be because it’s a real-world issue. Now, if you look, statistically, children in America, or, you know, around the world, in urban areas statistically have, it’s more likely to see that they don’t have a father or they’re in a single-parent home. So like picture Detroit, let’s say 71% of the children in Detroit don’t know who their father is. And if you look statistically, within the populations of both race and beyond, they’re more prone to being part of the criminal justice system negatively. It’s just very, very sad.”

Thanks, Flory Seidel!

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Flory Seidel Quote about intangibles on the passion struck podcast


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:46 What made his childhood unique
  • 6:17 His personal sacrifice to care for his sick father
  • 10:45 How his life abruptly changed in an instant
  • 18:46 The worse car ride home of his life
  • 21:40 Florey’s road to recovery
  • 24:08 The small wins and devastating losses
  • 28:08 The path to self-fulfillment and a happy life
  • 30:48 Discussing his doctoral research
  • 35:00 Answering the quintessential question
  • 36:41 Focusing on life’s intangibles
  • 40:16 Discusses duality of single parenting
  • 46:46 His advice on paying it forward





*The National Center for Fathering –

About This Episode’s Guest Flory Seidel

Flory Seidel Passion Struck podcast album cover

Flory Seidel is a problem solver and Doctorate of Psychology candidate focusing on “The Proclivity of Crime Within a Fatherless Home: An Urban Perspective.” 


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