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What It Means to Be a Bold Digital Transformation Leader | Passion Struck Podcast
Sid Tobias on the Passion Struck podcast

Thank you for Watching the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful Episode, John R. Miles interviews Sid Tobias about what it means to be a digital transformation leader and how a misfortune in combat led to his passion. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

18 | Sid Tobias | What It Means To be a New Age Digital Leader
18 | Sid Tobias | What It Means To be a New Age Digital Leader

On today’s show, we interview Director, Digital Standards Office, Technology and Business Transformation, Advanced Education and Skills Training, Sid Tobias who shares with us his distilled wisdom on agile workflow and becoming a digital transformation leader.

He mentors new digital teams with the BCDevExchange and teaches digital leadership to executives.  Before this, Sid has served for 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces.  We start this show with Sid sharing a life-changing incident that sparked his interest in agile methodology. 

In 2002, when Sid was stationed aboard a Canadian destroyer in the Persian Gulf near Afghanistan, Canadians’ training exercise was wrongly deciphered as a threat by an American F-16 bomber. The F-16 pilot decided to retaliate, and many innocent lives were lost in the aftermath. The Canadian and American leaders were quick to take responsibility and collaborated closely to ensure there was no repeat of such unfortunate incidents.

This incident was also the pivot point that made Sid go agile.

“How can leaders develop and introduce work procedures that create bigger and more frequent success opportunities across the board?” wondered Sid.

Sid Tobias

You will learn the importance of being a true “Servant Leader” or Leader Gardener” who can recognize the weakest signals from team employees to result in a truly collaborative approach. 

As a public safety transformational specialist, Sid emphasizes the importance of a team-driven work approach. We also compare and contrast the waterfall approach to the agile approach. And reveal how a shift towards agile can help organizations fail cheap and pivot quickly.

You will also learn how the agile methodology allows the government to rope in private sector enterprises for top-secret projects.  Enjoy!

Question That I Ask In Today’s Show About Becoming a Digital Transformation Leader

  1. Why did you decide to get educated in the Agile Methodology?
  2. What are some of the major obstacles in the digital transformation drive?
  3. From your time in the military, what is the most important leadership lesson that you learned?
  4. What advice would you give on becoming a digital transformation leader?
  5. What are the three words that describe being a Canadian?

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • An agile vs. Waterfall approach
  • What is a digital transformation leader
  • How going agile can allow you to fail cheap and pivot quickly
  • Giving up the command-and-control management style and being a “Leader Gardener” to your people instead
  • How going agile can help ensure the success of public-private partnerships
  • And so much more…  


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