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Cindy Shaw On The Secret to Great Sleep

Cindy Shaw is an Author, Brain Health Coach, and Motivational Speaker ( She sits down with John R. Miles to talk about the secret to great sleep and the six pillars of brain health. Cindy Shaw is the author of Authentic Success and Everyday Gratitude.

If you want to perform at your highest level for the long term, you need to focus on that connection of brain, body, mind, and spirit.

Cindy Shaw

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What We Discuss With Cindy Shaw About The Secret to Great Sleep and Six Pillars of Mental Health:

  • What is the difference between our brain and our mind?
  • Why should we care about our brain health?
  • How does our brain’s health affect our mental well-being?
  • What is an apollo neuron and how does it help you achieve better sleep?
  • Why are 85-90% of all people magnesium deficient?
  • What is neuroplasticity? How can we change our brains for the better?
  • What can we do to improve our brain health?
  • What is the secret to great sleep?
  • And much more…

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71 | The Six Pillars of Brain Health | Cindy Shaw | Passion Struck Podcast
71 | The Six Pillars of Brain Health | Cindy Shaw | Passion Struck Podcast

More About This Show On Brain Health and the Secret to Great Sleep With Cindy Shaw

Cindy Shaw spent a lot of time learning about mindset and how to change her thinking, redirect it and reframe it. But she found it still didn’t help her. She was trying to coach others about mindset and started to feel like a fraud. She actually felt like, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I think myself better?”

Cindy Shaw Book Authentic Success

And that is what really got her interested in brain health. Through that experience, she discovered how our brain is more like the computer hardware. And our mindset is the software. So if the computer hardware is damaged in any way, or it’s not functioning at its best, or it’s not optimized or has a lot of bugs, it directly impacts our software, which is our thought processes and how we think, feels, and act.

As Cindy recounts, “my mission is, is to really educate people that mental health really should be called the brain health. Because when we think of mental, there’s so much stigma around it. And so we think that it has to do with our thinking and our perception, and that again is software. But what the issue lies in is the hardware. So the hardware has been damaged, the hardware has been changed the hardware is under assault. So this is where brain health is so important to understand.

So sleep is one of the common things that people who suffer from brain fog, trauma, PTSD, and so forth, really struggle with. And that is because again, your brain is always on high alert to try to pick up dangers. So that’s why it has a really difficult time to bring itself down. That is why learning the secret to great sleep is so important.

Now there’s a device I highly recommend to people, and it’s on my website, you can find it and there’s a discount code. And it’s called an Apollo Neuro. And what the Apollo Neuro device does, it’s a wearable device you can put on your wrist or your ankle, they’ve done clinical studies with people who’ve had PTSD who have sleep issues, who deal with anxiety and depression. And what it does is it was developed by not only a therapist but also neuroscientists. Because what the psychiatrists found were people would do great in the session, they discuss it go home and still weren’t sleeping or still were anxious.

So they wanted to create something that actually kicks in your parasympathetic system. So your parasympathetic system is that rest and digest, it’s the bringing you off of that, that body Hi, that keeps you awake. So what the wearable device does, and it just connects up to your phone and has all of these different settings that you can choose is it just sends a gentle message, it’s these vibrations that either slow your nervous system down, or you can speed it up, if you want to be more focused or improve your concentration.”

Thanks, Cindy Shaw!

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Cindy Shaw Show Notes

  • 0:00 Cindy Shaw teaser and show intro
  • 1:34 Introduction of Cindy Shaw
  • 4:02 What led her to be a brain health coach
  • 7:26 Why mental health Should be called brain health
  • 13:40 Why the medical system mistreats you as a mental health patient
  • 21:14 Why we self numb and have problems with addiction
  • 25:57 The keys to better sleep and its link to performance
  • 32:52 How to prevent yourself from waking up in the middle of the night
  • 36:59 Why so many people are Magnesium deficient
  • 38:15 The long term impact of not getting enough sleep
  • 41:58 Importance of gut health on brain health
  • 45:22 Hormone treatment for traumatic brain injury victims
  • 50:46 The keys to producing more serotonin
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About This Episode’s Guest Cindy Shaw

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Cindy Shaw is the founder of The Better Brain Academy, and she user her expertise as a brain health and mental performance trainer to help people transform their lives. By blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health, and self-improvement strategies, Cindy helps others naturally improve their moods, boost their performance, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.


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