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Building The Definitive Veteran Voice for Motorsports | Blackall Racing | Passion Struck Podcast

John R Miles interviews Janet and Tony Blackall owners of the Blackall Racing team who race in the MotoAmerica Supersport division and are a privateer team. When they founded Blackall Racing, they did so to race on the national stage, create a veteran-operated business, and build the definitive veteran voice for motorsports.

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60 | Creating a Motorsports Voice for Veterans | Blackall Racing | Passion Struck Podcast
60 | Creating a Motorsports Voice for Veterans | Blackall Racing | Passion Struck Podcast

How Blackall Racing is Becoming the Veteran Voice for Motorsports?

John discovered the Blackall Racing Team’s story and need for purpose-driven brands who would like to sponsor their team after reading an inspirational article in the VFW magazine. Their story, and purpose, are unlike any other in the paddock. The Blackall tandem served in the military, with Janet in the Marines and Tony in the Navy. Based on their dedication to those who serve in the military, first-hand knowledge of the struggles in readjusting to life after the military, and Tony’s love for motorcycles, Blackall Racing was launched to promote patriotism and becoming the definitive veteran voice for motorsports.

Picture of racer Tony Blackall from Blackall Racing to provide a veteran voice

Blackall racing desires to bring the veteran voice to motorsports by fully integrating the active military, veterans, reservists, and Gold Star parents into motorsports. In doing so, they honor their commitment, provide a place for healing, connect them to a caring community, and empower them to chase after their dreams, just as the Blackall racing team is doing.

In their discussion with John, Janet, and Tony Blackall discuss the struggles they overcame to launch a privateer racing team, the highlights from their team’s first three seasons, Tony’s favorite racing tracks, the origin of their motorcycle that honored the victims of 9/11, their advice for veterans who are suffering from PTSD, the types of sponsors they are looking for, and advice to any entrepreneur who is on the path to go after their dreams.

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  • 0:00 Blackall Promo
  • 1:23 Show and Blackall racing intro
  • 3:45 The story behind their VFW magazine article
  • 5:24 Story of how they met and formed their team
  • 9:56 The difficulties of running a privateer team
  • 13:04 What makes a great sponsor for the team
  • 16:23 Their care package charity for deployed veterans
  • 18:10 How they are remembering and honoring 9/11
  • 25:14 How they are helping veterans recover from trauma
  • 33:06 Representing Air Force Special Warfare recruiting
  • 34:56 Tony discusses competing in MotoAmerica SuperSport
  • 41:00 Their advice for entrepreneurs starting their journey
  • 45:26 Advice on navigating the VA
  • 47:06 Information on their next races and 9/11 bike


Don’t be scared of failure; failure is what’s gonna help you grow. For me, it was fuel for the fire.

There will always be bad days but if you keep looking for that shiny light, keep going, don’t give up.

I had to make myself vulnerable. I had to be uncomfortable to be comfortable.

Quotes from Blackall Racing (Tony and Janet Blackall)


Female Veteran Owned & Operated Blackall Racing is a professional motorcycle road racing team with an all-veteran crew. Our goal is to promote patriotism and be a resource for veteran outreach.


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