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5 Keys to the best morning routine | Passion Struck Podcast

Thank you for listening to the Passion Struck podcast. In this powerful momentum Friday episode, John R. Miles discusses his 5 keys to the best morning routine. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

17 | 5 Keys to Creating an Impenetrable Morning Routine
17 | 5 Keys to Creating an Impenetrable Morning Routine

Are you following the best morning routine that turbocharges your mind and body and sets you up for a superhuman performance?

On today’s show, John shares the five steps for creating an impenetrable and best morning routine. You will learn how to awaken your body, mind, and then prioritize your intentions for the day.  

Topping off your day with your favorite activities can fill you up with energy, positivity, and fortitude. And once you become habituated to these, they will become second nature to you.

Tune in for some golden nuggets!

What You Will Learn In This Show About the Best Morning Routine

  • Why a morning routine was so important to a famous Roman emperor
  • The science behind habits
  • The three-step process to forming a habit
  • How to awaken your mind, body and prioritize your intentions for the day
  • The five steps to building the perfect morning routine
  • And so much more…
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— Combat veteran, multi-industry CEO, and Author John R. Miles is on a mission to make passion go viral by helping growth seekers to overcome their fear, self-doubt, and adversity. He loves taking his own life experiences, lessons from his time as a CEO and Fortune 50 C-Level Executive, and the truths he has learned to help make other’s lives better. His new podcast Passion Struck provides inspirational interviews and powerful guidance for people to take their lives to the next level. Watch as these high achievers weigh in on life’s biggest questions and challenges as we journey on the path to becoming passion-struck.

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