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Applying Complexity Science to Ignite Your Passion | Dave Snowden | Passion Struck Podcast

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24 | Dave Snowden | Applying Complexity Science to Ignite Your Passion
24 | Dave Snowden | Applying Complexity Science to Ignite Your Passion

In this episode, John R. Miles interviews Welch management consultant and researcher David “Dave” Snowden on applying complexity science to ignite your passion. They discuss complex adaptive systems theory and other scientific disciplines and their link to individual success. New Interviews with the World’s GREATEST high achievers will be posted every Tuesday with a Momentum Friday inspirational message!

Dave discusses his company being acquired by IBM and his seven years with the tech behemoth. He talks about one of the big benefits of IBM was that you could do some really serious work because you have that brand behind you. It allowed him to work with the CIA and many other global organizations.

How he and his team are working with the U.S. government to determine the origins of COVID-19 using high obstruction metadata.

John and Dave discuss leadership development and the cult of the individual leader. Specifically why this type of leadership is detrimental to the military and organizations.

Snowden discusses the impact of bringing on his daughter into his company and her background in anthropology to create a new realm of science called anthro-complexity – complexity as experienced in human systems.


What You Will Learn About Applying Complexity Science

  • Introduction of Dave Snowden’s background
  • The story of his company being acquired by IBM
  • His work with the CIA on applying complexity science with Admiral John Poindexter
  • Knowledge management becoming in fashion again
  • His unique data approach to analyzing the origins of COVID-19
  • Applying complexity theory to leadership development
  • His new publication on managing complexity in times of crisis
  • The role of the leader in managing crisis
  • Rapid application development and the Agile Manifesto
  • IBM’s Red Hat acquisition and its strategic implications
  • The implication of ethics in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Quotes From Dave Snowden

“The role of the leader is coordination, not decision making. And people keep getting that wrong. A good leader never makes a decision, they coordinate people.”

“These days nobody should be allowed into any engineering software role without training in ethics because the implications of what we’re doing in technology are really scary. And I think the trouble with Facebook, I think less Apple with the Apple vs Facebook confrontation is really interesting. Facebook, has never been immoral, they’re amoral. And that’s actually far scarier because they’re not concerned about the implications of what they’re doing.”

“I realized I was talking with Admiral John Poindexter, who and you know, given my own political background, I’m not meant to like, but I really liked him. And he was really still a good friend. Right. And effectively, I worked under his direction, and for several years, and that was absolutely fascinating, because all of a sudden, this sort of theoretical idea was being looked at in the context of counterterrorism.”

“Knowledge management is interesting, that moment is coming back into play. It is like knowledge management goes through this cycle of being fashionable.”

“High obstruction, metadata searches, discover novelty because if you can say if I knew the answer to the problem, I’d index it like this. And then the system recalls all the stories that other people have indexed like this, you find things you didn’t expect to find. And that, to me is actually what knowledge management is meant to be about. Anything else is information management.”

“So this cult of the individual leader, I think is actually deeply worrying because what you get is either a rigid process or this inspirational leader. And that’s actually really bad science because most of the time leadership can be distributed.”

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