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3 Ways We Need to Release our Life Self Governor | John R. Miles | Passion Struck Podcast
Is the 40% rule, first coined by David Goggins real?

I happened to hear a recent podcast with David Goggins and wondered is the 40% rule real? After doing some extensive research, I found that according to Gallup’s World Poll, the vast majority of the full-time workers around the globe hate their job. My own conclusion is that business vitality and entrepreneurship have been in general decline for decades. The primary reason? Our Minds. We apply a life self governor that restrains us from living at our full capability.

31 | Stop Applying a Self Governor | John R. Miles
31 | Stop Applying a Self Governor | John R. Miles

Are you living to your true capability, your purpose in life, your future potential? According to a number of recent studies from Gallup, Gartner, and Bill and Melinda Gates – The majority of us are not. And that leads to human development failing – at a staggering rate.

What is the cause? People say it is the work environment or our bosses but I believe that the culprit is elsewhere.

I believe it is because of our life self governor. And you know what that governor is?

It is our MINDS!!!

And when our life self governor starts facing fear or adversity, it shuts down.

You can think of our life self governor as our survival mechanism. It is our safety blanket or that crutch we use. When things start to get very painful, your mind ends up taking control and then tells you and your body that you need to be doing something else, anything other than putting yourself into that uncomfortable place.

In this episode, you will learn why as few as 15% of all people globally live their lives to their full abilities and why David Goggins’s 40% rule of people not living their full capability is actually incorrect and the reality is much worse. 

You will learn the three ways to recognize your self-governors and then how to stop applying a governor to your capabilities and unlocking a passion-driven life.  


What You Will Learn About Applying a Life Self Governor

  • Studies That Illustrate We Are Not Living Our Capability
  • What is a Governor and How is it Used
  • How We Apply a Governor to Our Life
  • John’s Own Story of Applying a life self governor
  • What is Keeping You From Living the Life You want
  • The Three Governors We Apply to Our life
  • Making the Choice to Accept Yourself
  • How to Get Out of Your Own Way
  • The Path to Fullfillment

Quotes from John R. Miles On Why We Apply a Life Self Governor

“It (2019 Gallup Survey) found that only 15% of all those employees, 1 billion of them are actually engaged at work. You look at that another way. That means that an astronomical 85% of the planet’s full-time workers are dissatisfied with their jobs.”

“We are living our capability, our purpose in life, our future potential with a governor that we apply to ourselves. And you know what that Governor is? It is our MINDS. And when it starts facing fear or adversity, it shuts down.”

“When you can start taking control of your mind, you can start removing the governor from your life.”

“I used to think that I would really motivate myself and really live up to my full potential by telling myself day in and day out that I really wasn’t.”

“If you want to live your life to its fullest capability truly and to start to accomplish what you’re set out to do, it might be time to take that brutally honest look at your current reality.”

“Your mind knows exactly who you are; it knows your innermost fears, it knows what you’re most insecure about. And it does an amazing job of taking you away from any of those things, to a place of safety.”

“I’m being the best that I can be right here. Right now. I taking off that Governor and allowing myself to put away all the lies and accept myself for who I am.”

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